OGWhatsApp APK Download v8.30 Latest version | (Anti-ban)

OGWhatsApp is a modded form of WhatsApp which gives its clients a spotless, basic and free informing service that is secure and dependable. Developers additionally included a portion of the propelled features that a few clients may feel significant in regards to their protection and security needs. OGWA offers clients security in regards to highlights like concluding who will watch their profile pics, statuses and who can talk with them. This all makes it a solid informing application out there. Developers additionally included some propelled choices in OGWhatsApp updated APK as of late like erasing the sent messages and concealing on the web status. OGWA is an altered adaptation of Whatsapp Plus.

OGWhatsApp updated APK

WhatsApp needs no presentation, it is the overall well known informing application that has 500 million dynamic clients from month to month. WhatsApp has consistently been with us since we got our first telephone in quite a while.

OGWhatsApp Download APK

Its adaptability, clean interfaces and free help is the thing that makes it stand separated from different applications. It’s quick, protected and dependable that we don’t think to utilize some other application rather than WhatsApp. At the point when this application was propelled to play store, at first, it had come up short on a portion of the highlights and essential informing needs, yet with time, WhatsApp showed signs of improvement step by step and today it offers huge amounts of highlights that draw in and make clients visit WhatsApp over and over.

OGWhatsApp APK 2020 Direct Download Link (v8.30)

OGWhatsApp Download APK

There are a lot of mods of WhatsApp as I told you before which have extra features than the official Whatsapp App. But as you know, using some of these mods may lead to account ban but the special thing about OGWA updated version 2020 is that it is anti-ban, unlike GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus. But it doesn’t mean that it has low features, instead, it has so many features which you will find down in this article. For a hint, OGWhatsApp has a message scheduler feature which is so awesome and you will get the explanation down below to clear some facts. So make sure you read every little information of Updated Version OGWhatsApp before just downloading it.

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What’s special about OGWhatsApp 2020 APK?

OGWhatsApp APK icon

OGWhatsApp 2020 Updated APK info

The table shows some of the information about OGWA 2020 APK which includes app version, size, required Android, last update time, etc. I hope this information will help you.

App NameOGWhatsApp APP
APK Size54 MB
Required Android
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Features of OGWhatsApp 2020 APK

Features of OGWhatsApp

There are many features of the OGWhatsApp app which are displayed down here. Currently, these features are extending per update. Also, many features of the OGWA 2020 APK are not available in the official WhatsApp. If you want to download OGWhatsApp APK for your Android phone, then I advise you to take a look at the features so that you will get an idea about your needs.

  • OGWA 2020 APK is Anti-ban WhatsApp Mod
  • 90 images can be sent at a time
  • Able to access two accounts on the same phone
  • Message scheduler
  • Conversation backup is now possible
  • Can add up to 250 words in status
  • Inbuilt status downloader
  • Can call people other than contacts
  • Now group name can be of 35 characters
  • OGWhatsApp has an inbuilt lock feature
  • Additional emojis and languages support
  • Can block calls from particular contracts
  • We can edit launcher icons
  • Regular updates

What’s New in OGWhatsApp APK 2020 Version

OGWhatsApp APK new (1)
  • New base updated
  • New setting design
  • New emojis
  • New changelog
  • Fixed added stickers from google play
  • Fixed crash when we search for themes

In the latest version of the OGWA APK 2020 Updated Version, many bugs and crashes are fixed. Sometimes a crash occurs when we try to search for themes and add stickers from the play store. But in the latest update, these crashes are fixed. Also, the OGWhatsApp app is with a new base as well as the new setting’s design. New emojis are also available in this version.Do You Know? We have other Mods of Whatsapp and Instagram as well. Check them out now!

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Explained features of OGWhatsApp 2020 APK

These are explained features of OGWA 2020 Updated APK. This will help you to know about the features more widely. And I will hope it will help you to understand more about the updated version of OGWhatsApp 2020.

OGWhatsApp APK screenshot
OGWhatsApp APK screenshot

OGWhatsApp APK screenshot 2

OGWhatsApp APK screenshot

Anti-ban feature of OGWhatsApp

Anti-ban OGWhatsApp

The new version of the OGWhatsApp app has an anti-ban feature which is so admirable when we talk about WhatsApp mods. Most of the modified versions have a disadvantage of account banned like GBWA, WA Plus, etc. But using OGWhatsApp 2020 APK is safe for your device. But if you repeatedly use modded features which are not tolerable by WhatsApp Officials in OGWA, your account may be banned because some features disrespect their policies. So use it safely and your account will not be banned.

A large number of images can be sent

OGWhatsApp APK image sent

When we talk about images, official Whatsapp has fewer features. It can only send most of 10 pics at a time but using OGWA will boost that feature. With the Latest 2020 Version OGWhatsApp APK, you can send a maximum of 90 pics at a time. So, don’t worry about the number of images. Just send them at a time.

Access to two accounts on the same device

OGWhatsApp two accounts

OGWA can be installed on a device with official WhatsApp. You don’t need to uninstall the original Whatsapp app in order to install the other. You can use a different account for both OGWA and Whatsapp. So, you can access two accounts of WhatsApp on the same device.

Message scheduler

OGWhatsApp Message scheduler

The message scheduler is a function with which we can schedule the time of any message to be sent without using the phone at that time unless our internet connection should be on. This is a very special feature of the OGWA APK 2020 Version which is not available on the official WhatsApp. Also, using this feature is safe. Do not ever hesitate before using this feature in the OGWhatsApp. Schedule any message for any chat for any time even when you are not using the device. This feature is very useful in meetings etc.

Backup feature

OGWhatsApp Backup

Instead of all features, the backup feature is most important. Without a backup feature, any messenger application will not fulfil our hopes. That’s why like the official WhatsApp, the OGWA also has this feature which helps us to retrieve the most important documents, images and other files which are important for us. But never forget to backup your data. Because if you won’t back up the data, this feature will be useless.

More status features

In OGWhatsApp, we can share a big status. The size limit of status is increased to 250 words which are so great for us. We can write so many things at one status. Also, OGWA Latest Version offers us a feature with the help of which we can download anyone’s status within some taps. It is very useful for people who like to save statuses. So that they don’t have to screenshot or do other time spending stuff for download image or video etc. Now it can be done in a few taps. Download Latest 2020 OGWhatsApp APK for Android now.

Group name size increased and unknown calling feature

OGWhatsApp call

In WhatsApp, we can’t increase the size of a group’s name but in Latest OGWA app, there is a feature with which we can increase the name of any group to 35 characters. Sounds great. Also, there is a feature which helps us to call unknown numbers without saving them in contracts list.

Inbuilt lock feature

OGWhatsApp lock

Now in OGWA APK 2020 recent update, we get a new feature that is inbuilt lock feature. With this feature, you can lock any of the chat. This feature is very helpful for people who chat privately and don’t want to leak their chats to anyone. So, with OGWhatsApp it is possible to lock them and stay safe. It is a very great feature that is also not available on the official version of WhatsApp which is pretty bad.

Additional Emojis and Multi-Languages Support

OG Whatsapp translate

Emojis are the precious part of a chat, without emojis, a chat looks dim. Emojis shows our expressions in this virtual world. This is how OG Whatsapp APK 2020 has additional emojis as well as multi-language support. Currently, it has a large number of pre-installed languages which help people to understand it clearly in their words.

Regular updates

OGWhatsApp updates

As you know, having updates is a very important part of anything. That’s why OGWhatsApp is regularly updated from time to time to give us the best it can. Updates include some new features, bug fixes, and error control. Also, we have brought you the latest version of OGWA 2020 APK which will help you to enjoy all the features flawlessly.

Download OGWhatsApp Latest 2020 APK (v8.30)

Click To Download Latest Version Of OGWhatsApp For Android

Easy Installation Steps For 2020 OGWhatsApp APK

Time needed: 3 minutes.

install the APK on your Android phone in order to run it. There are three … following sections provide detailed instructions for each of the methods. All methods …

  1. Download Apk Go to processing download page. Find out the download link. ( …Click on the relevant link .Wait for the download to finish.
  2. Find The APKAfter completing the download process, navigate the download folder of your Android phone and find the Downloaded APK file(You can use a Better File manager like Es File Explorer).
  3. Enable Unknown sourcesNow You have to Enable Unknown sources from your Android Setting because Android Security system doesn’t allow installing any kind of application outside of Google Play Store. To Enable it Navigate Settings>Security>Unknown Sources, Now you will se a tick mark click on that.
  4. Install the APK Just open your file, find the APK file you want to download, and tap it – you should then be able to see it downloading on the top bar of your device.Once it’s downloaded, open Downloads, tap on the APK file, and tap Yes when prompted.
  5. Installed! All Done.That’s it Done! Now you have Successfully Installed the Desire Mod APK.

Here is the easy installation guide of OGWhatsApp APK. Before you try to mess with the downloaded file you may read the installation guide of OGWhatsApp APK. Because people forget to read the guide and face problems while installing this OGWA mod. Follow these easy steps to properly install the OGWA APK 2020.

  1. After you download OGWhatsApp 2020 APK on your Android device, you have to enable installation from an unknown source. We need to enable this option because OGWA is not available on official stores like play store. To enable unknown source installation, simply go to>settings>security>permissions>enable unknown source.

2. After enabling installation from an unknown source, you need to locate the OGWA APK file in your Android device. For this you have to go to>device storage>downloads>2020 OGWhatsApp APK. Now just tap on the install button and wait for few seconds. If you have a good device, it will take less time as compared to a potato device. Sorry if you have a slow device, you have to wait until the installation is complete.


Well, now the installation is really completed. Now you can open OGWA 2020 version, make an account and enjoy all these features of OGWA in your device. But before quitting this website, you may read some more information about OGWhatsApp APK. Read the frequently asked questions-answers for more information down below.

Frequently asked questions about OGWhatsApp 2020 APK


Frequently asked questions feature some organised details of OGWhatsApp 2020 APK. It will provide you with the answers of some frequently asked questions about OGWhatsApp. As you know, some questions just come in our mind while using OGWA. So here you are and I hope this FAQ will help you.

Using OGWhatsApp APK 2020 will never ban us?

Using OGWhatsApp is safe unlike many WhatsApp Mods but if we will use the illegally termed features which are against the policies of official WhatsApp. Then it will ban our account. WhatsApp is not associated with any of the WhatsApp mods, so using features that are not acceptable in the WhatsApp Officials, will definitely gonna ban our account. So it’s better to use OGWA for safe use so that we won’t be banned.

What is Mod APK?

A mod is a modified version of any application. These modified versions are may or may not be associated with the original application. Just like OGWA, which is one of a mod of WhatsApp. It includes more features than the original one. Also, for your kind information, it is not associated with official WhatsApp. These mods are mostly developed by third-party developers.

Is it safe to use the 2020 Version of OGWhatsApp?

As I told earlier, if you will use normal features of OGWhatsapp, that will be fine, but if you will use those features which are not acceptable by terms and conditions of official WhatsApp, then your account may be banned. But using OGWA will not lead any problem to your device. It doesn’t require a rooted device either. So if you want to download the Latest Version of OGWA, you can give it a try. I hope you will love it.

Can I use the same account for the official Whatsapp and OGWhatsapp 2020 Version?

Yes, you can use the same account for both official Whatsapp and OGWhatsapp APK 2020 Version. But the only problem is when you will try to log in to your account, the other application of the Whatsapp app will not work. You will need to log in again and the same thing will happen again. So that you can’t use one account in WA and OGWA at the same time. But still, you can use one account if you have enough patience to log in and log out repeatedly.

From where I can download the Latest Updates of OGWhatsApp APK 2020?

To download OGWA’s latest updates, you can visit our website. We brought the latest updates of our mods. Also, it is very easy to download them. As you know, we use a fast one-tap downloading button for our APKs. So whenever you need to download any update, you can visit our website in order to download them.

OGWhatsApp is available for my iOS device?

Currently, OGWA is not available on iOS devices. But you may try GBWhatsApp which is also a mod of WhatsApp. You can read our GBWA article in order to know the features. And also, whenever we will get news about the OGWA iOS version, we will let you know. Till then rely on official WhatsApp of you can download GBWhatsApp for iOS.

The Final Verdict

Now, you have known about OGWhatsApp APK 2020 Version. It has a lot of features that are not available in the official version. Also, it has an anti-ban feature which is really great for a modified version of WhatsApp. But, using features that are not safe in terms and conditions of WhatsApp Officials may result in the ban of the account. So, use it safely. Also, you can download OGWA 2020 APK from our website easily for free. So, what are you waiting for?

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